I tried to smoke pot for the first time when I was 14. Figured I could sneak a few puffs off my big sister’s little glass piece. Stuck it in my mouth trying to figure out which end I was supposed to smoke from. Tasted peculiar. Plus, I just couldn’t get how to work the thing. Eventually, I discovered that these smoking devices typically have a little indentation where the marijauna is supposed to go as well as a pathway inside of it which allows you to inhale the smoke. Glass buttplugs don’t have either of these, which is an important distinction.
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it always really bothered me when wait staff ignored me + my friends just because we were young bc we are all really respectful people but the assumption was that we wouldn’t tip

anyway so fast fowards to when i became a waitress and one day this group of scrubbyass kids came in and i had 8 other tables with other people to look to but i overheard that one kid wanted a milkshake but he couldn’t afford it and the other kids offered to pay but he was like “nonono it’s fine” and i looked over and he just looked real run down and sad and stuff —- later it just so happened that our kitchen had a mixup so we had an extra shake and since it would just be dumped otherwise, i snuck it out to their table and gave it to him for free

and his friends were so fucking impressed by this they pooled every fucking cent they had i got a $50 tip and later his friend’s mom came in and said “i heard what you did for that boy” and gave me another 20 and offered me a better job working with her

and meanwhile at my other table a rich white guy i was serving complained bc he didn’t want to pay the 15% tip on a $8.90 bill and when his wife said “she’s been a good waitress, though,” he said, “but just plain good isn’t worth 15%”


Drive Recklessly - Video

Why we need to turn off the phone during a flight?

The airlines logic is that your phones service signal has a slight chance of messing with the planes communications system and that it can interfere with the communication frequencies between crew members and cabin crew p.a. systems.

However, there’s limited evidence to support this and plenty of airlines are now beginning to allow the use of cellphones on planes. 

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Green Apple Cheesecake, Fine Foods, Hong Kong
The green exterior is a layer of buttery white chocolate which, as you can see, is made like an apple. The sweetness of white chocolate is accomplished with its delicate stem that tastes like 70% dark chocolate. A more exciting discovery is about the interior: bites of apple is set as the base, on top is the cream cheese. The texture of the cheese is exactly what I wanted it to be - thick and creamy. Credit to the crumbs on top! Which makes this little lovely cake complete (coz I always like crunchy stuff.)

Wasn’t sure about god before but now it’s all so clear 2 me




Loving yourself is the most beautiful action one can do next to loving someone else…

clair-de-loony replied to your post “clair-de-loony replied to your post: these are the teeth she yanked…”

I mean that’s understandable. You took the steps to get better! So that’s awesome! I hope you feel better though!! Ice cream ‘n milkshakes and yogurt were nice when I got my wisdoms out. Not sure if it’s at all comparable, but I hope you feel betters

thank you im glad i was brave enough to finally try to get better too„, ive been sick of this for a while now and i let it get SO out of hand so at least i didnt continue to let it get worse ;;;;; i was scared to try a milkshake because that used to hurt me to do BUT IT ACTUALLY FELT REALLY NICE ♥♥ THANK YOU BBY





holy shit



Shanesha Taylor was arrested on March 20th by the Scottsdale Police for leaving her children ages 2 and 6 months in her car while she interviewed for a job. Ms. Taylor was homeless and could not access any child care. Her desperation to provide for herself and her children and her lack of options led her to take drastic measures in search of employment. Ms. Taylor needs support & help rather than incarceration and a criminal record that will surely decrease her chances to provide for her children in the future. We ask that Maricopa County use common-sense and provide support for Ms. Taylor and her children rather than punishment.

Shanesha Taylor is still in jail pending a $9,000 bond.

Help drop the child abuse charges against Shanesha Taylor by signing this petition at change.org. Here’s the link: http://www.change.org/petitions/bill-montgomery-drop-the-child-abuse-charges-against-shanesha-taylor?recruiter=13739587&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition

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so in the case of my shitty bootleg vayne figure

theyre saying if i want a refund i have to mail them their figure back

im saying why so you can scam someone else??

they said “oh well its ebay’s policy”

well its also ebays policy not to sell people worthless garbage when they paid for the real thing so”

like fuck off you are either giving me what i paid for and keeping my money or youre not getting this garbage back and i’m getting my money back okay

like why the fuck should i got out and buy a box and padding and shit because YOU fucked up

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