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Industrial goth dance groups are having a good time

Fucking crying.

That just made Tumblr all worth it.

this speaks to my inner 14 year old you have no idea.



kid equius 

what a weird kid

my heart




Bruh comes for the neck of everybody talking shit about fedoras.

you don’t know shit you don’t know fashion you don’t know anything about this world

think before you do trolling


People be calling cars and ships and America “she” but when a trans women asks for female pronouns people be like no 

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imageI cant believe I missed koujacks birthday


{ this is a skill i’ve been using a lot lately, thought i’d share :) }

     {  Distress Tolerance Skill: Coloring Mandalas


     1}   go to and print a couple of mandalas that you like. (you can also find some on google images.)
     2}   buy set of colored pencils or markers if you don’t have them. more colors = better
     3}   buy a clipboard if you wanna lie in bed and color.
     4}   set these aside and ready to go so they are easily accessible when you are distressed


     1}   choose a mandala from your pre-printed stash
     2}   set a timer (phone is good) for 30 minutes
     3}   color it with ur markers or pencils. i prefer pencils.
     4}   optional: play an audiobook or music while coloring. make sure it’s not sad music.
     5}   when timer goes off, stop coloring. ask yourself, what level is my distress right now? if still high, set timer for another 30 minutes and keep coloring. if tolerable, stop coloring and do thing you want to do.
     6}   repeat as needed until distress is tolerable


     coloring patterns is distracting enough to pull your attention away from negative thoughts/emotions, but mandalas are also repetitive so you can kind of “zone out” while coloring. it feels good being able to create something and you feel a sense of competency or confidence. there’s no competitive aspect to it so you can just do the activity without having to worry about doing it perfect or right or better than anyone else. it can remind you of a simpler time when all that was expected of you was coloring. :) it is easy and almost everyone can do it.


    — stick to the timer. even though you want to keep coloring when it goes off, stop once you finish the segment you’re on and put the pencil down. tell yourself you can come back and finish it after you do the thing you’re putting off.

    — you can do this activity without using a timer, especially if you don’t have anything planned for the rest of the day and aren’t using this to distract from a task :)) 

    — practice coloring during times when you’re not distressed, so that when you need to use this skill it will be easier and more “automatic”. i can’t stress this enough. even though coloring is really simple, it’s much better for the activity to feel familiar so that you can easily use it during distress. so if you can practice it during normal times it’ll help u. think of it as homework if you have to — you are building up a memory muscle.

    — if you feel guilty because you’re “wasting time” doing a “childish activity”, remind urself that ur doing this for your mental health, that this is an established skill recommended by top psychotherapists, and that calming down your distress so you can actually *do* the stuff you’re worried about (rather than procrastinating all day about the thing and not actually doing it) is the opposite of wasting time. remember that practicing this skill even when you’re not distressed is HOMEWORK, not optional time wasting thing. also, taking care of ur mental health is not a frivolous activity. it’s very important and crucial to a happy successful life.


*casually fucks up every good thing that happens to me*


Hello! I know I just had a giveaway, but I promised I’d do something when I hit my first thousand and I didn’t expect that to come so soon! Soooo as thanks for you guys sticking around with me, here’s my 1k giveaway!

There will be one first place winner, and one second place. The first place winner will get to pick which prize they want and the second place will get the prize that they do not pick.

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Good luck and happy reblogging!

Innerpartysystem - Obsession
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Innerpartysystem - Obsession

What keeps the pressure building?
What takes your breath away?
What do I have to do
To make you want to fall in love with me?
Fall in love with me?

I want you to notice
What you’ve been missing
I want you to feel that
Feel that deep inside of you

im sorry to ask, but i was wondering if you may show us how to draw abs please?


 I STILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO DRAW OK looking abs HHahA SOBS AND LIES DOWN but yeah!! GO LOOK AND Some real life abs i promise you it’ll be ten times more helpful than my crude doodles!!

PLS TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF ASALT AND Hope this helps u out a little!!


Doing a giveaway because I’m bored and don’t really have anything else to do.

I was lucky enough to go to PAX with the help of my youtuber friends.

Shoutout to Miles and Sonny from The Yordles.

They helped me out and I got to meet my other friends and helped me build new friendships with other youtubers. (Cody and Keyori, ilu.)

Luckily I was able to get my hands on some extra swag from pax.

What I’m giving away:

1 Inflatable Poro.
1 Pulsefire Ezreal Statue.
1 Amumu Plushie.
2 2013 World Championships bag.
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Das it. Go and do stuff.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie will forever be in my heart


Took me a lot of time to complete this…@_@

It’s very long but important















we care about humanity, we should care about our planet too. 

if you don’t care about anything…well, shame on you. Because even the most selfish person should care about the environment and water scarcity, since all life depend on Earth, and need water to survive.

Be considerate for the sake of your own future

Thank you for reading this long post.